Logistics on the Cutting Edge

We continually invest in the latest technology. Why? Because we were founded on innovation. It’s in our company’s DNA.

Of course, we know that staying ahead of the tech curve is necessary for meeting our customers’ needs. It’s what allows us to guarantee that your products are packaged to your spec, that your packages will be picked, packed and shipped as fast as possible, and that your materials will be on the right dock, at the right time, every time.

What’s that tech look like? Keep reading.

Finding New Ways to Streamline

Five decades of experience in the logistics world has taught us that, the more you can safely streamline, the better. We have a passion for doing so.

To that end, we've integrated:

  • Warehouse analysis tools, to reduce congestion and provide actionable insights
  • UPS and FedEx systems
  • Trip analysis tools, to help customers hold the line on costs by optimizing routes and load plans


Integrated SCM

As a part of our passion for streamlining, we introduced our supply chain management system (SCM).

Powered by industry-leading Accellos software and engineered by Verst know-how, the SCM seamlessly integrates our transportation management system (TMS) and warehouse management system (WMS).

We run on the Accellos suite of tools which includes data-backed key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and flexible business intelligence (BI) reporting options.

It also features portfolio and project management software, stacked with next-generation, web-based collaboration tools. Together, these capabilities reduce risk and build maximum benefits for our customers.


Technology in Action

Though Accellos is certainly a boon, the real advantages lie in how we apply it. We strive to provide information whenever customers need it – in "right time" versus "real time."

We offer our customers more channels for accessing information – by phone, on the web, or via automated alerts and reports. And our tech team routinely develops customized solutions that harness the power of digitization in ways our customers never thought possible.


How We Optimize Functionality

  • Transportation

We’ve fully integrated truck monitoring to provide "right-time" information on the progress of loads. Our track-and-trace system uses geo-fencing to alert our customers to prepare their docks for arriving trucks.

  • Fulfillment

We’ve instituted constraint-based scheduling, to harness the collective genius of running the floor. And we rolled out a stay-linked solution, which keeps inventory scanners connected during network downtime, saving on re-boot time and reducing errors.

  • Packaging

We’ve invested in the industry’s highest throughput shrink sleeve labeling machines to run up to 600 units per minute. Our equally impressive, automated secondary processes streamline production and ensure pre-fill-decorated products arrive at the fill line in the format you prefer. And, our rainbow pack tooling ability bundles multiple brands in one packet to drive point-of-purchase sales.


Our Promise to You

We’ll always pair the power of our tech capabilities with responsive, relationship-based delivery. No matter your company’s size, you’ll get personalized, caring service from us. Every time. Without fail.

Does that sound like someone you’d like to do business with? We sure hope so. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about you.

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