Supply Chain Network Analysis & Site Selection Process for Warehouse

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Determining the right location for distribution is both an art and a science. The problem is that the tools to help you make the best decision are sometimes more complex and expensive than you need. What if you could find the answers quickly and affordably? What if you could model different distribution locations to compare transit time and cost? Wouldn’t that be great? If you are looking for help to find the optimal distribution location, then let’s talk. We can help you find the optimal locations using our supply chain network analysis tool!

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Verst Warehouse Network Analysis

Need A Supply Chain Network Analysis or Help With The Site Selection Process for Warehouses?

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Good news! The tool you need is right here. With your data and our technology, these answers are at your fingertips. Not everyone needs a high-priced consultant to find the the right location. 

Want to know to more? Contact us to discover the easier and affordable way to make intelligent choices on the site selection process, center of gravity studies and a supply chain network analysis. 

Use Our Supply Chain Network Analysis Tool

The Site Selection Process for Warehouses, Plants & Fulfillment Centers


Supply Chain Network Analysis

Need to find a new route quickly? Disruption or obstruction of established supply chain routes can occur anywhere and at any time. Port strikes, natural disasters, loss of a supplier, or a shift in the demand, all drive the need for dynamic routing of both raw materials and finished products. If you have one of these situations, let us help you find that new route, distribution point, or an alternative warehouse location. 

Optimizing transportation is not a simple exercise. Finding the actual landed cost vs. service level vs. transit time, plus other considerations can take hours of data crunching. Don’t get caught up in the analysis paralysis. Let Verst help with finding that optimal site. We will analyze your data and provide options for distribution sites, ports of entry, or mode options. 

Find the optimal site for your fulfillment operation. Think that in-depth analysis is only for large corporations? Not so.

Affordable and insightful, we provide detailed analysis for your network development needs. Determine the most accurate and lowest landed cost for your products. Meet your customers delivery demands. We will provide you a complete visual of your supply chain and the best locations for expansion of fulfillment operations. Affordable and in-depth, we will model multiple options and show you the cost and efficiency created with each location.

You provide the data, and we provide the answers. Discover what growing companies everywhere have found out about smart distribution choices. Give us a call today to find out how Verst will help you drive smart expansion.

Site Selection Process for Warehouse


Use Supply Chain Network Analysis and Our Site Selection Process for Warehouses To Your Advantage

Are you looking for help in locating or expanding your distribution? Then a supply chain network analysis or site selection study is the first step.

With over 50 years of experience in the supply chain industry, and named by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 3PLs for three years in a row,  we like to say, “Our business is an extension…of your business”, so let us help you extend your business reach into to markets.

Take a look at the following scenarios and see if any sound familiar to you. If so, please contact us immediately for a warehouse network analysis or site selection study consultation.

  • Significant growth in products and revenue
  • Expanding into new markets
  • An acquisition or merger is happening at your organization
  • Big changes to your business model - i.e., new product introductions or services 

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Contact the experts at Verst Logistics today! Our dedicated team will help you with center of gravity studies, supply chain network analysis or the entire site selection process for warehouse!

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