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Shrink Sleeves for Craft Beer Cans

Removing Barriers to the Craft Beer Can Sleeves

Are you getting ready to launch your business or thinking of testing out a new type of beer (maybe a seasonal option)?

Verst Packaging has a large inventory of plain (bright) cans, labels, and ends (top of the cans) onsite and ready to use!

You will no longer have to deal with lofty minimum can orders, face lead times that stretch up to 12 weeks, or be forced to staff and manage a warehouse for the surplus of cans; all factors that lead to losing essential capital.

This frees up your capital and eliminates the hassle of working with multiple sub-contractors.

  • We Get Craft
  • 16oz and 12oz in Stock
  • 6 SKUs per Truck
  • Eye-catching Graphics
  • Leading Quality
  • Technical Experts
  • Simplified Process
  • Always On-Time
  • Low-High Speed
  • Partners, Not Suppliers

Why Brewery Owners Choose Verst as Their Craft Beer Can Packaging Company

Speed for Beer Can Sleeves


After the cans roll off the de-palletizer (removes cans from pallets), they zip through our Fuji Seal 415 high-speed shrink label applicator, which applies beer can sleeves to 600 cans per minute. Once they pass quality assurance (QA), they’re off to the re-palletizer and shipped to your filling lines.

Adaptability for Beer Can Sleeves


Many can suppliers run at capacity and dedicate most of their resources to Tier 1 (high profit) accounts. We don’t play favorites. While you might find 17-week lead times with other vendors for new art, Verst's product packaging can produce your beer can sleeves in less than half the time. Repeat customers have even faster turn-around times because the process is already determined.

Expertise for Beer Can Sleeves


Have you ever seen shrink sleeve labels with holograms, metallic inks, matte finishes, surface effects, color changing inks or scented inks? Verst's product packaging has access to shrink sleeve labels that appeal to sight, touch, and smell, thanks to our key shrink sleeve label partner for Craft Beer who excels at these technologies.

Full Service Beer Can Sleeves

Full Service

Verst Packaging will buy the beer can sleeves, craft beer cans, and ends (tops of the cans), then decorate and transport them. To make life even easier, we deliver the goods in the format you’d like with disposable dunnage (excess shipping materials). We even offer transportationwarehousing, and order fulfillment services for an end-to-end solution.

Beer Can Sleeves Certification


Verst's product packaging is FSSC 22000 certified, a GFSI approved scheme, ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered & inspected, and Kosher approved. We’re also ABC licensed to store and decorate post-filled brews, in the event you need us to do so.

Craft Beer Can Sleeves

Craft Beer Can Labels: Case Study

Read about how Against the Grain doubled its sales by partnering with Verst for their craft beer can product packaging needs! 

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Craft Beer Can Shrink Label

Craft Beer Packaging: Case Study

Read about the new artwork on craft beer can sleeves that Verst applied for Collective Arts Brewing.

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Verst Offers 6 SKU Per Truckload Solution

"We selected Verst because of the quality and the pricing. It immediately became clear that we weren’t going to find anyone better. The pricing was close to what we could get with the printed cans, and we were able to get our desired model of multi-SKUs."

-Sam Cruz, Against The Grain Brewery

Verst Excels at Speed-to-Market

"Being able to react quickly to bringing new brands to market is key for the craft brewer."

-Roger Davis, Red Hare Brewing Company


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