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Consumers in the digital age expect their experiences to be seamless at every point. From growing start-ups to industry giants, omnichannel fulfillment has become the the new standard for a successful business.

Customers have high expectations of their buying experience, from searching for a product to the moment they open the box. Also, they want a choice in how they do business—and that means a fast and accurate fulfillment model.

Outsourcing to Verst for omnichannel fulfillment provides the ability to scale easily, adapt quickly, and reduce capital investments and complexity—all while increasing efficiency and profitability.

Verst specializes in helping clients that fulfill approximately 1,000 or more orders per day. We provide a full range of omnichannel, B2C and B2B fulfillment solutions, including:


High levels of automation, including Locus autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)


Precise inventory management


24/7 visibility to orders and tracking via Verst's Customer Portal


Scalability for growth and peak surges


Pick-pack-and-ship for B2B, B2C-to-retailers or distribution center 


Same day, next day order shipping

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Reaching 85% of the US mainland population within 2 days transit time


CLS, Verst's centralized shipping solution, delivers high-speed shipment processing and manages all modes, carriers, and rates

Managing all channels for Omnichannel Fulfillment

True omnichannel fulfillment integrates all channels and inventory to streamline the fulfillment and delivery process. Verst’s omnichannel fulfillment services give clients a flexible, responsive way to manage orders and inventory—resulting in an exceptional customer experience across any channels, including:


B2B: Fulfillment Center-to-Store

B2C: Fulfillment Center-to-Customer

DTC: Direct- to Consumer


Customer Returns-to-Warehouse

Technology Solutions for High-performance Omnichannel Fulfillment

At Verst, we help leading brands with B2C and B2B fulfillment by shipping with speed, accuracy and much-need real-time order visibility at every turn, leveraging best-in-class technology. 

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Tier 1 Technology Suite

Powered by Körber's Warehouse Management System (WMS), our best-in-class software integration allows critical data to flow seamlessly from your system, enabling real-time visibility into your inventory and fulfillment network. Standard data connectors are available for most platforms, including Microsoft, Netsuite, SAP, Amazon, and Shopify. 

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Verst Customer Portal

Verst provides a robust customer portal that allows you to track orders, status, and locations from a single dashboard 24/7.

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Robotics & Automation

Scalable automation drives accuracy and productivity at Verst.  Locus Robotics’ system-guided robots work alongside Verst employees to assist with picking and packing, resulting in greater overall productivity and 99.7% order accuracy.

Another core area of automation at Verst is the shipping sortation system. This automated system processes 6,000 cartons per hour with a 98.7% read rate. It reduces manual processes and labor needed to confirm orders and provides shipment information to the end consumer. 


Verst operates 26 Fulfillment Centers and Warehouses

Verst’s warehouses are conveniently located within 600 miles of 65% of the US population and can send packages by 2-day ground to 85% of the US population. We’ve made shipping and freight easy with central locations served by:

  • 5 commercial airports 
  • 19 interstate highways and parkways
  • 4 major shipping hubs, including UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL
  • 4 warehouses served by Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • Several oceangoing container ship ports and numerous barge terminals on the Ohio River

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