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Reaching markets faster through fulfillment warehouses, multiclient warehouses, dedicated warehouses for contract logistics, and transportation management operations centers

Verst Logistics

Verst locations across Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area provide exceptional reach to the regional and local markets you need.

Verst operates a network of 26 fulfillment warehouses, multiclient warehouses, dedicated warehouses for contract logistics, and transportation management centers delivering products to market with speed and efficiency.




Fulfillment & Multiclient Warehouse Locations

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About Verst's Fulfillment Warehouses & Multiclient Warehouses

Verst’s fulfillment and multi-client warehouses are conveniently located within 600 miles of 65% of the US population and can send packages by 2-day ground to 85% of the US population. We’ve made shipping and freight easy with the use of automation and robotics.  Our centralized locations are served by: 

  • 5 commercial airports 
  • 19 interstate highways and parkways
  • 4 major shipping hubs, including UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL
  • 4 warehouses served by Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • Several oceangoing container ship ports and numerous barge terminals on the Ohio River
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Dedicated Warehouse Locations

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About Verst's Dedicated Warehouses for Contract Logistics

Verst operates dedicated warehouses for contract logistics, perfectly tuned and customized to meet each client's distribution requirements. Our talented, tenured team of warehouse operations experts ensure the dedicated warehouse runs like clockwork, with decades of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, Auto & Industrials, Food & Beverage and more.  We utilize top tier technology and perform a host of highly-customized value-added services, such as:


Transportation Management Operation Centers

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About Verst's Transportation Management Operations Centers

Verst operates a network of transportation management operations centers that act to command and control all aspects of transportation execution.  Our operations centers oversee multi-modal transportation management and freight brokerage, ultimately providing our clients complete visibility to their transportation network.  Key activities overseen by our transportation management centers include:

  • Carrier RFP management
  • Carrier procurement
  • Dispatch
  • Real-time shipment tracking through Verst’s customer portal
  • Freight bill audit and payment

Corporate Office

300 Shorland Drive, Walton, KY  41094

859-485-1212 Telephone

Verst’s Corporate Headquarters is co-located with a Fulfillment Warehouse in Walton, KY

Across all of our locations from the corporate office and beyond, Verst extends the expertise, capabilities and reach of our clients by providing logistics solutions for:


Why Verst

Why do industry leaders across CPG, Automotive, Industrials and Food & Beverage work with Verst? Because we deliver exceptional value, have engaged, accessible leadership, industry-leading technology and proven logistics expertise.

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