Autonomous Mobile Robots for Order Fulfillment

When We Say Our Fulfillment Labor Force is a Well-Oiled Machine, We Mean It.


Robotic Fulfillment Systems Made Simple

Robotic Order Fulfillment

As eCommerce fulfillment demands get faster and more complex, we’re often asked how our warehouse associates can successfully pick up to 100,000 orders per day with near-perfect accuracy.

The short answer is, they don’t – at least not by themselves.

Our Midwest fulfillment center now houses autonomous mobile robots (also known as AMRs) that work closely with our human workforce to substantially minimize travel time, maximize throughput, and increase order accuracy.

Automated Warehouse Robots

Capable of being configured to meet a wide range of tote and multi-bin picking needs, these scalable sources of additional labor typically improve productivity by 300% over traditional cart picking – all while reducing picking errors and never requiring a lunch break.   

We’re huge believers in the power of this machine-plus-manpower combination as both a productivity and peak season tool – and as a viable solution to the growing problem of today’s tight labor market. And once you see it in action, we think you will be, too.

With our custom robotic solutions, we pick, touch, and go using the touchpad user interface coupled with barcode scanning. The onboard scanner verifies and confirms the correct item is selected and ensures nearly 100% order pick accuracy.

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Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation

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