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We solve the toughest fulfillment challenges to help you fulfill what you promise your customers, peak season or not.

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Peak Season Order Management

Peak season is generally defined as the months leading up to the holiday season. August and September are big months for U.S. ports as eCommerce shippers are receiving imported goods for the holidays. With the impact of the eCommerce economy, fulfillment services continue active through the holidays as well. Because eCommerce has fundamentally changed peak season, customers expect to receive their shipment faster than ever, accurately and undamaged. The entire peak season experience can be quite a challenge.


Verst Fulfillment Capabilities Minimize the Challenges of Peak Season

Verst Fulfillment clients are able to handle the months before and during peak season because we provide:

  • Over 99% order accuracy and on-time shipping with KPI reporting and custom dashboard,
  • Complete visibility to orders, order status, and 24/7 real-time tracking through the e-Vista customer portal,
  • 1-2-day ground shipping for over 85% of the U.S.,
  • 23 secure warehousing locations that include 6.5+ million square feet of warehousing space strategically located across key shipping corridors,
  • Automated sortation and Locus robotic picking to support peak season surge capacity to process over 100,000 units a day.
  • And so much more!

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Exceptional eCommerce Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Omnichannel Fulfillment Inventory Management ServicesDuring 2019, eCommerce is expected to grow over 20%, and omnichannel options providing fulfillment across multiple channels has helped fuel this growth above 2018 levels. Verst Fulfillment offers value-added fulfillment services including kitting, pick and pack, and complete returns handling to help you successfully execute fulfillment regardless of channel.

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eCommerce Technology Expands Your Fulfillment Capabilities

eCommerce technology

Verst handles your fulfillment requirements using automated sortation and Locus robotic picking, supporting peak season surge capacity to process over 100,000 units a day. Verst provides full shopping cart integration with Shopify, Magento, and more, including full EDI integration using True Commerce, Dropstream, and SPS Commerce.

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Verst Combines Experience and Expertise

Third Party Logistics ExpertiseVerst has over 50 years of logistics service experience, including transportation, warehousing, and packaging expertise, and has been recognized as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL for 3 years in a row. Verst operates 23 secure warehousing locations and maintains 6.5+ million square feet of warehousing space strategically located across key shipping corridors with all the capacity you need to grow your business.

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Did Your Fulfillment Partner Meet Your Customer Expectations?

Coming out of your peak season, we encourage you to review how well your partners were able to handle the challenges. If you feel that they are not providing the service your customers deserve and expect, we encourage you to look into Verst Fulfillment.

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