Automated Order Fulfillment System with Robot Picking

Over 99% Order Accuracy and On-Time Shipping with KPI Reporting and Custom Dashboards


We guarantee over 99% order accuracy and on-time shipping with KPI reporting & dashboards to deliver on our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. If this all sounds too good to be true, contact the Verst Fulfillment professionals, and let us prove it to you.

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Automated Order Picking

Get Products to Customers Faster 

Strategically based in the Midwest, Verst Fulfillment gives you access to 1-2 day ground delivery to over 85% of the U.S. population. Your products. In the hands of your customers. Faster.

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Value of Inventory Proximity
Take Charge of Your Chargebacks

Take Control of Your Chargebacks

For every $100 in chargebacks, the true cost is estimated to be $308 when you factor in the loss of goods, fees, penalties and wasted time. Moreover, even worse is the time it takes to research and defends erroneous charges. When your business uses our proven order fulfillment processes and systems, you can significantly reduce chargebacks that often chip away at your bottom line cost.

We sweat the small details because they make a big difference in your company’s growth. Let us worry about the details so that you can focus on developing new business opportunities to grow your market share and accelerate your long-term growth. 

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Personal Service - Have a Response in Minutes!

Personal Service

Get a Response in Minutes

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing an order fulfillment provider. When you partner with Verst, you will find a level of personal service offered nowhere else. Need us to create a report of everything picked, packed and shipped in the last hour? Have a last-minute order that must ship before the end of the day? We are only a phone call, email or text away.
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Curb Shipping Costs - Get a Great Rate on Freight!

Curb Shipping Costs!

Get a Great Rate on Freight

No pun intended, but when you are working with one of the largest Midwest 3PL companies, it makes it possible to get your products to market faster.

Whether we handle your orders with our in-house fleet or ship them via the carrier of your choice, we first perform a complete mode optimization analysis. That way, we can optimize your shipping strategy for the perfect combination of speed and low cost. Contact Verst to find out how to improve your efficiency and reduce shipping costs when you utilize our transportation resources in our key Midwest transportation corridor.

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7-Million Square Feet of Warehouse Space is Yours for the Taking

7-Million Square Feet of Warehouse Space is Yours for the Taking

When you partner with Verst, you are supported by an organization that operates 23 secure warehouses across the Midwest and beyond. We offer several storage options, and many of our locations are the American Institute of Baking (AIB) food-grade certified.
You only pay for the space you need when you need it. We are experts at high-seasonality products. We handle peak seasons so that, when you are ready to grow, you don’t have to worry about whether we have room to accommodate your business growth. Verst Fulfillment scales with you.

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I was using another third-party logistics center, and they were causing a nightmare.

"It's definitely the Verst experience: they know what they are doing much more than the other guys. I thought it would be less expensive to use the other company. It’s pretty much the same cost wise, but the service is much better."

-Quique Reus, JERF CEO

Verst was much, much better than everyone else we visited.

"Automatic ship notifications, EDI ordering - It just seemed like the perfect fit."

-Cheryl Tallman, Fresh Baby Founder and CEO 

JERF Fulfillment Case Study

JERF Case Study

Verst Fulfillment demonstrated first-rate capabilities in all the areas that JERF had experienced problems with their original provider.

Thinking About Outsourcing?

Thinking About Outsourcing?

Contact Verst Fulfillment and let our order fulfillment experts create a solution that will help your business prosper.

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