Step 1: We Listen to You


Not quite ready to invest in your own equipment? Need to run a market test? Have a seasonal promotion or a one-off project with an extremely short lead time?

Verst has multiple automated lines, over 100 sets of application tooling and over 400,000 square feet of production space at the ready – all with zero capital investment or hassle on your end.

But first things first, we listen. We hear your story. We get to know everything about packaging needs. We answer any questions you may have. And ultimately, we craft a plan that that ends with your products in stores with incredible speed and shelf appeal.


Step 2: We Source Products So You Don't Have To

We Source Products So You Don't Have To.

From bottles to lids to the labels themselves, Verst handles all your sourcing needs to streamline your path to market. And, drastically shrink your vendor list.

Our high volume and long-standing relationships with top suppliers allows us to purchase products at a discount – savings we’re happy to pass along to you.


Step 3: Your Production, Full Steam Ahead

Your Production. Full Steam Ahead.

The faster you receive the labeled product, the faster you can fill it and move it. That’s why we’ve spared no expense when it comes to shrink applicators and steam tunnels.

Our line speeds are the fastest in the industry with a scrap rate of less than 1%. And, by decorating pre-fill, we boost efficiency by up to 35% versus unproductive post-fill.

Whether you need us for a million-unit production or a trial run, you’ll love the speed and precision at which we move.


Step 4: Our Watchful Eyes Protect Your Investment & Your Brand


A product is only as good as its package. With Verst, expect nothing less than perfection. Our impeccable results stem from our stringent quality-assurance and safety processes.

Those include incoming checks for color, copy and dimensions, ISO9001:2008 and HACCP quality systems, a clean room environment, daily air-quality testing, and cold storage, to name a few.

Bottom line? If you wouldn’t send it out the door, neither would we.


Step 5: Secondary Processes, First-Rate Results

Secondary Processes. First rate Results.

Bulk-to-bulk de-palletizing and re-palletizing. Bottle descrambling and sorting. De-casing and case packing. These might be secondary processes to some, but they’re an obsession to us.

Why? Because they make all the difference. The moment a Verst pallet arrives at your facility, it’s ready to roll onto the fill line – in the format you prefer. We integrate with YOUR processes. Not the other way around.


Step 6: We Ship, Store, and So Much More!

We Ship, Store and So Much More!

We’re the partner you’ve always wanted. From total project management to expert technical support, to warehousing in multiple locations, to logistics, to door-to-door transportation, to order fulfillment services, point-of-purchase display assembly, and more, Verst is the whole package (pardon the pun) in contract packaging.

Enough about us. How about we get to know you?

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