Pressure Sensitive Labels

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are basically high-tech stickers that are applied to containers that use paper, film, or foil as the primary label materials. These types of labels have the ability to be coated with a large variety of inks that don’t require heat, solvent or water to apply the label. Pressure sensitive labeling techniques at Verst Logistics Packaging involve using machine-automated equipment that uniformly and accurately applies the labels while handling large run volumes.  


Industries Using Pressure Sensitive Labels

As stated above, pressure sensitive labels and pressure sensitive labeling techniques are utilized by a wide variety of products in many different industries. Verst Logistics Packaging has more packaging experience than almost any other company in the labeling industry and has dealt with a wide variety of customers. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive Products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Household Goods
  • Food
  • Alcohol/Wine & Spirits
  • Beverage

Pressure sensitive labels are common in many industries and vary between a range of products. If you don't see your industry listed or are looking for years of pressure sensitive labeling experience, you can trust the experts at Verst Logistics Packaging.


Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labeling

Pressure sensitive labels are probably the most straightforward and simple labeling solution since they do not require heat, solvent or water to adhere to surfaces. These types of labels can be easily applied to many different types of container surfaces, bottles or other packaging and used as a multipurpose solution for many types of products and finishes. Depending on the use of your product, these types of labels can be permanent or temporary. Today, there exists high-performance pressure sensitive label adhesives and heavy duty options that can withstand very hot and cold temperatures as well as bulky labels. 

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Why Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels

A distinct, eye-catching label is an investment in your product that will pay dividends for years to come. Whether the product is seasonal, or you are looking to increase your brand awareness, there are many reasons why you should elect to purchase pressure sensitive labels. Many studies have shown that labels drive sales, and your label should have a significant return on your packaging investment by:

  • Creating visually appealing labels that increase sales
  • Developing a recognizable brand in stores and on shelves
  • Creating a unique, memorable first impression with consumers
  • Conveying key product information

Pressure sensitive labels provide your business with the flexibility to deliver value with your custom labels.

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Heinz Mustard Label

Verst Pressure Sensitive Labeling Capabilities

Verst Logistics Packaging serves a wide variety of clients and industries, but we can do just about anything to assist with your pressure sensitive labeling needs. As you can see above, the Heinz Mustard Label is a pressure label. We can source the containers and labels while providing quick turnaround times. With our relationships with label suppliers in the industry, we can provide the following:

  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Custom Graphics & Illustrations
  • Eye-Catching, Premium Finishes
  • Depth, Texture & Shine Decorations
  • Gloss Varnishes, Laminates or Matte Varnishes
  • Tactile Labels
  • Metallic, Pantone, UV and Water-Based Inks
  • Any Size Label for Any Size Bottle, Can, Package or Container
  • And Much, Much More!

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