More than 60% of consumers will buy a product off the shelf without ever researching it first, according to a branding packaging study.

Labels really drive sales decisions!

Labels with high impact graphics for virtually any size or shape of consumer product are available through Verst Logistics Packaging and the design options are limitless.

Many of the top brands in the world look to Verst for one-source contract shrink sleeve labeling for several reasons:

  • Verst Packaging has more than 120 sets of label tooling in stock
  • Verst Packaging has state-of-the-art heat shrink sleeve application equipment and steam tunnels yield labeled products with eye-catching results. Our shrink sleeve application equipment makes it easy for our customers to experiment with heat shrink sleeves without costly capital investments.
  • Verst Packaging has one of the fastest line speeds in the industry and less than 1% defect rates (nearly unheard of in the industry) to help get products to market quickly.

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Heat Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Advantages of Pre-Fill Heat Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Verst Logistics Packaging prefers pre-fill shrink sleeve labeling opportunities to post-fill/inline packaging. Our customers, which are many of the world’s top brands, couldn't agree more!


There are many benefits to pre-fill heat shrink sleeve labeling with Verst:

  • The speed-to-market offsets the costs of the shrink sleeve application process when you factor in equipment and tooling, as well as start-up and on-going costs.
  • The reduction in scrap (less than 1%) reduces overall costs.
  • There is a lower risk of food contamination and spoiled products.
  • The learning curve is removed; for nearly 20 years Verst Packaging has provided shrink sleeve labeling services, and we can help you get to market fast, and ahead of your competition!
  • Our just-in-time inventory system eliminates the need to store empty bottles.
  • Real-time transportation management system (TMS) data minimizes the cost of moving empty bottles.
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Success Story: Heat Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Miracle Whip and Sandwich Shop Mayo product lines experienced a notable increase in sales after they selected Verst as its all-in-one heat shrink sleeve labeling contract packaging provider. Click to View the Heat Shrink Sleeve Labeling Case Study.

Arizona Tea was the first beverage company to move to heat shrink sleeve labeling in 1997.

By 2020, experts estimate the heat shrink sleeve market will be worth $13.2 billion!

Dean’s Milk Chugs helped single-serve plastic milk sales rise by 214%, by switching to a full-body heat shrink sleeve.

Nestle Nesquik’s mix of innovative labeling and a bold new container led to a 220% spike in first-year sales.

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