You may have seen our ads in packaging publications with various reasons on why you should partner with Verst. But maybe you have never visited our facility, contacted our packaging team, or even visited our website. With a devoted team of dedicated professionals and over 100 years of contract packaging experience, Verst eliminates the need for capital investment and dramatically reduces the learning curve to make your next shrink sleeve labeling project a huge success, making you look like a hero for choosing to partner with us! 

Now, sit back, relax, and rest assured you are making the right decision by reading the top 10 reasons why Verst should be your shrink sleeve labeling partner.



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The Top 10 Reasons

Reason #1 

Verst is the largest contract shrink sleeve decorator in the industry.

Reason #2

Verst has been audited and approved as the shrink sleeve packaging provider for 10 of the top 12 global consumer packaged goods companies.

Reason #3

Verst has a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience to handle any packaging challenge.

Reason #4

Verst has relationships with the leading shrink sleeve label and container suppliers, which assures the right sleeve on the bottle the first time and every time.

Reason #5

Verst operates in an FDA and Food Safe Certified facility and is audited and approved for 8 of the top 10 global food & beverage companies.


Reason #6

Verst can have your project in production in as little as 2 weeks once we have all the components and tooling.

Reason #7

Verst can handle any container type, shape or packaging configuration – empty or filled glass and plastic bottles, caps, cups, and cans.

Reason #8

Verst runs projects both large and small with flexible capacity, increased efficiency, and the highest quality in the industry.

Reason #9

Verst has state of the art sleeve application equipment eliminating the need for capital investment and shortens lead times by providing over 120 sets of application tooling for customers.

Reason #10

Verst provides true turnkey solutions through our warehousing and transportation logistics services.

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Verst Logistics Packaging provides customized shrink sleeve labeling solutions for the top brands in the world. Make your next project a success by partnering with the best contract labeler in the industry.

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