Capital Expense Not Needed!

Capital Expense Not Needed

Are you launching a new product, converting an existing product to shrink sleeve labeling, or running a trial?

If so, it rarely makes sense to take on the capital expense of purchasing label application equipment. When it comes down to it, you’re in business to make more money. Verst Packaging can help you get to market faster by investing less money upfront.

Consider the monetary benefits of contract packaging with Verst:

  • Improve Your Cash Flow ─ Machines alone cost anywhere from $150,000 (entry level) to $1 million (high-speed lines). And that’s without factoring in labor, installation, steam boilers, utilities, tooling, and maintenance.
  • Maximum Throughput ─ We continually invest in the industry’s most productive, efficient application equipment and steam tunnels to ensure a maximum rate of production. And when the “next big thing” arrives, you can be sure we’ll add it to our lineup too.
  • Remove the Learning Curve ─ Forget about experimenting with highly temperamental shrink sleeves and costly tooling equipment, or tinkering with NASA-grade equipment settings. Verst Packaging has more than 25 years of expert knowledge and labeling experience.
  • Cool Label Storage ─ Heat can ruin shrink labels prior to application. Verst Packaging can handle the refrigerated transport of labels and store them in the industry’s largest label storage room with more than 500 rack spaces and over 100,000,000 shrink sleeve and pressure-sensitive labels!
Speed to Market

Speed to Market

Get to market before your competitors leave the plant.

How long does it take for your competitors to package their products and get them onto store shelves? Our packaging facility has highly refined pre-fill decorating solutions that beat post-fill/inline packaging times.

Why is shrink-sleeve labeling with Verst so fast?

  • Filling pre-decorated containers labeled at Verst is up to 35% faster than labeling on the fill line (post-fill/inline).
  • Verst’s in-house experts handle all the intricacies of shrink labeling to speed up your path to stores.
  • Our scrap rate (line losses and production delays caused by bad sleeves) is less than 1%, which is unheard of in the labeling industry!
Eye-Catching Products

Eye-Catching Products

We help your products stand out and maximize their visibility on the shelf!

Did you know that shoppers decide whether to buy a product in seven seconds or less?

Verst Packaging can help you capture the attention of consumers with gorgeous, 360-degree shrink sleeve labels that pack a real branding punch.

What makes Verst’s decorating exceptional?

  • We Welcome Unique Bottle Shapes ─ High quality shrink labels perfectly conform to the most unique bottles and containers.
  • Greatest Shelf Appeal ─ Strike the perfect balance of visual impact, color, graphics, and creativity. As far as options like holograms, scratch and sniff, metallic finishes, textures and more, the sky is the limit.
  • Good Goods ─ Ultra-durable films resist scuffing, humidity, dirt, and water. And because the design is printed on the inside, it won’t fade or bleed.
  • Results Matter ─ We don’t print labels, we apply labels with a high-level of skill. Plus, we work with the best label makers on a daily basis, so we are happy to recommend design options based on your needs.
Full Service Solutions

Full-Service Solutions

In addition to labeling products, we get them to market! 

Are you looking for a single vendor that can package your products, store them, and transport the products to market? The world’s top brands rely on Verst Packaging to package their products and provide logistics solutions for their entire supply chain.

Verst is here to provide end-to-end solutions for your company:

  • We source products from labels to bottles.
  • We pick up and deliver products with our own transportation services.
  • We pre-fill decorate with the highest throughput machines.
  • We store products in over 400,000 sq. ft. of smart, safe, and strategically located warehouse space.
  • We offer fulfillment services to handle direct-to-customer orders.
  • We do it all so you can do what matters most: growing your business!

Learn all about our turnkey contract packaging solutions.

The Right People

The Right People

In the end, it all comes down to our team.

What is the key to a business that runs like clock-work? A team that knows how to work together and produce the best possible results. From the initial sales contact to the first proof, to the moment you receive a pallet, we work hard to earn your trust and do things the right way.

The Verst Packaging team has more than 100 years of combined packaging experience and we are happy to use it to propel your business forward!


It’s one thing to read about our shrink sleeve decorating results.

It’s another to see them up close.

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