Managed Warehouse Operations

What would you call line-side delivery, inventory management with end-to-end visibility and lean continuous process improvement? We call it a managed warehouse operation, a custom-designed hybrid of outsourcing and insourcing strategies that provide you with the tools, systems, processes, and people to create your in-house material handling solution. Some of the numerous advantages of using our managed warehouse operation solutions are:

  • Overcoming process bottlenecks
  • Increasing productivity
  • Decreasing direct labor cost
  • Achieving optimal customer experience

Insourcing a warehouse management partner like Verst to your facility will help you overcome talent shortages, damaged goods, errors and will offer a wide variety of flexibility and service options. Contact us today to find out more and how Verst's managed warehouse operations is the right solution for your business' needs.


Why Choose Verst to Run Your Warehouse

Verst Logistics has 50+ years of experience providing warehouse operations and distribution services across a wide variety of industries. Logistics execution is our core competency. And, our experienced team makes it look easy.

Modern Facilities Warehouse Operation

Modern Facilities

Verst allows you to use use our facility or design and layout yours to increase process improvement and drive maximum efficiency.

Accurate Inventory Warehouse Operation

Accurate Inventory

Verst utilizes a world-class warehouse management software (WMS), HighJump,  to allow you to have real-time visibility of your stock levels and order statuses.

Warehouse Operation: Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

Verst provides critical on-site labor management to ensure accurate inventory and flawless operational execution.

Automated Handling Warehouse Operation

Automated Handling

Verst has a wide variety of industries we service in many different areas, so regardless of the product, process or environment, we know what it takes to keep the line running, the shipping dock flowing and the trucks rolling.

Verst Warehouse Operation

The Verst Promise

Whether working in your facilities or ours, everything we do – fulfillment, packaging, transportation management, and warehousing – is about you meeting your customers’ demands.



Looking for a simplified in-house operation that creates efficiency and maximizes up-time?

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