Storage Flexibility to Meet Your Budget

Storage Flexibility to Meet Your Budget

We believe fair pricing is key to building a lasting business relationship. That’s why we’ll never charge you for more space than you need.

One of the hallmark advantages we provide to our warehousing clients is a flex up / flex down a contract, which allows you to modify the amount of floor space you’re using at any given time, without penalty. When demand runs high, you can scale up. When demand is low, you can ratchet down.

You’ll pay only for what you use — we won’t lock you into a flat monthly rate or charge you a fee to make changes. Our flexible warehousing contracts give you tighter month-to-month control over your profits.

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Strategic Locations Yield Fantastic Results

Strategic Locations Yield Fantastic Results

Verst’s constellation of Midwestern warehouses is located within 2 days’ shipping time of most US consumers’ doorsteps. Our trucks and our trucking partners will get your products where they need to be when they need to be there.

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Four of our warehouses are rail-served by Norfolk Southern Railroad, so you can cost-effectively ship (and receive) large volumes.

From our warehouses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, it’s an easy drive to several oceangoing container ship ports on the Great Lakes and numerous barge terminals on the Ohio River.

All are located within a 200-mile ground radius of 3 major air shipping hubs in Cincinnati (DHL), Indianapolis (FedEx) and Louisville (UPS), giving your company lightning-fast global access and tremendous shipping flexibility.

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Visibility and Seamless Integration

Visibility and Seamless Integration

Our Accellos warehouse management system tracks shipping, receiving, put-away and picking with the latest automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology.

We’ll feed that data into sophisticated warehouse analysis tools to manage your storage, inventory monitoring and order selection as a single, smooth operation.

And we’ll enable our system to communicate with yours so that you can track inventory and sales trends down to the moment and glean actionable business insights.

Event-based reporting and alerts will keep you always in the know. Scheduling is flexible: reports can be accessed when you want them, in the formats you need them.

We’ll put 50 years of logistical insights to work, helping you identify, define, refine and track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact your profits. Then we’ll automatically report those KPIs back to you, on the timescale you specify.

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Safe, Compliant & Experienced

Safe, Compliant & Experienced

We guarantee safety and speed. Our operators are highly skilled, certified and experienced: the average service tenure of a Verst warehousing employee is 15+ years. And they understand that your profits depend on picking, packing and shipping it right the first time, every time.

Our clean, tidy facilities are food-grade certified and in full compliance with ISO standards, so you will not have to lie awake at night, worrying about your customers’ safety or wasteful spoilage.

And with Verst, you’ll never have to chase the numbers down. When we do well, we’ll tell you. If we do not quite meet a KPI in a given period, we will tell you, figure out why and fix it.

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Looking for a Dedicated Warehousing Solution?

Looking for a Dedicated Warehousing Solution?

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