About Us

Staying True to Our Humble, Hardworking Roots

In 1966, our founder, William G. “Bill” Verst, set out to build a customer-first, no nonsense warehousing company in Walton, KY. The kind run by honest, hardworking people who always do the right thing to get results for our customers. We’ve since expanded well beyond that initial vision, both in terms of our physical scale and our solutions.


Our Business Is...

       An Extension of Your Business


Today, we employ over 1,900 logistics professionals and house over 6,500,000 square feet of warehousing space to create solutions for your business to prosper. Whether you're looking for a specific location or need to partner with Verst for fulfillment, transportation, warehousing, packaging, or a combination of any of our services, we want to serve as an extension of your business. We’d love the opportunity to prove to you why Verst Logistics is the right partner for your business.  



Our Core Beliefs


At Verst, we believe that the standards of behavior that have helped our company achieve success over the years are represented in the fabric and makeup of our organization. As we continue to grow, it is critical that we recognize and strive to follow our values, not just in business but in our lives outside of the business environment as well.

We believe that if we, as members of the Verst team, live these values through our day-to-day actions, whether we are at our workplace or outside of it, we can create a compass which will encourage us to have a positive impact upon our families, communities, clients and partners.



Verst Core Values

Our Core Values


The Best Never Rest



"The Best Never Rest"

INNOVATION: The introduction of new collaborative ideas and solutions

Strive for Excellence



"Strive for Excellence"

EXCELLENCE:The passion to deliver exceptional service in all aspects of our activities

Respect Is What We Expect



"Respect Is What We Expect"

RESPECT: High regard for the time, knowledge and concerns of others while always demonstrating integrity and trust

Zero Harm



"Zero Harm"

SAFETY: A goal of no injury or adverse customer, environmental or community impact while doing our work

All for One and One for All



"All for One and One for All"

TEAMWORK: Collaboration with individual and group accountability toward a common objective


Verst Logistics Overview